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"Fraud, malicious damage and theft are just a few of the ways holiday property owners can suffer at the hands of customers. But now a new association aims to give owners advance warning of potential problems."
John Kerswill, Holiday Villas & Cottages

"Guestscan is a new European based website offering the chance to check whether a guest could be a potential troublemaker before accepting a booking."
Carmen Roberts, BBC World

"Accommodation owners can now blacklist customers in the same way credit card companies do."
Chris Haslam, Sunday Times

"As Tourism Minister, I obviously want everyone staying in our hotels, B&Bs and holiday homes to have the best experience possible. Unfortunately a small proportion of guests are a complete nuisance, which can ruin other people.s holidays and drive up costs for everyone. So I was very interested to see Guestscan.s solution; giving business owners a simple way to check if a potential guest has caused problems in the past."
John Penrose, Minister of Tourism


Q. Why has no one done this before?

A. While the concept is simple, complying with all the legal aspects is complicated and time consuming. (Guestscan took two years to get it right.)

Q. What about the Data Protection Act?

A. We fully comply with the data protection regulations in the UK and Europe. We are registered under the Data Protection Act in the UK and have been audited by the Commissioner for Information Services.

Q. How secure is the system?

A. The database is operated and administered by specialists who use the most sophisticated bank-style security together with multiple back-up facilities.

Q. What about "malicious" reporting?

A. The online Report Form is straightforward and unambiguous and will be checked by our Compliance Officer, who on occasions will speak to the parties involved.

Q. What about malicious reporting to internet review sites?

A. Where guests use the threat of a "bad report" to negotiate an up-grade or discount we accept this as threatening behaviour and the guest can be reported.

Q. How long do people remain on the list?

A. This depends on the incident. And can range from 2 to 3 years. In exceptional circumstances this can be increased.

Q. Who has access to the database?

A. Nobody can view or search the database. Members are able to check if a specific person is on the list. Where a person appears on the database details will be supplied to the member. It's then up to the member to decide whether or not to take the booking.

Q. How do I become a member?

A. Simply click here and complete the form. Welcome to a good night's sleep.

Q. How do I get further information?

A. Use the 'Contact Us' button below.

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