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"Netamatix provide cutting edge technology with a really simple user system to enable even the smallest rental, guesthouse, B&B or hotel to benefit from online technology. Our systems provide multiple benefits, online booking, reservation management, accounting, task scheduling and a network of websites to post your accommodation for securing additional customers. Guestscan help our partners to be robust with their security and business continuity policies by providing information to weed out the type of guest you don't want staying in your pride and joy property. It's a partnership we trust and value."
Andy Parr Managing Director, Netamatix

"Fraud, malicious damage and theft are just a few of the ways holiday property owners can suffer at the hands of customers. But now a new association aims to give owners advance warning of potential problems."
John Kerswill, Holiday Villas & Cottages

"Guestscan is a new European based website offering the chance to check whether a guest could be a potential troublemaker before accepting a booking."
Carmen Roberts, BBC World

"Accommodation owners can now blacklist customers in the same way credit card companies do."
Chris Haslam, Sunday Times

"As Tourism Minister, I obviously want everyone staying in our hotels, B&Bs and holiday homes to have the best experience possible. Unfortunately a small proportion of guests are a complete nuisance, which can ruin other people.s holidays and drive up costs for everyone. So I was very interested to see Guestscan.s solution; giving business owners a simple way to check if a potential guest has caused problems in the past."
John Penrose, Minister of Tourism

Guestscan API

Application Programming Interface (API)

Whatever software you use, our API can be used to integrate the Guestscan system.

This allows an instant check against the Guestscan database.

As we use normal booking details for our search there is no need to collect or input any extra information.

As such it takes no extra time.

Our system will automatically alert your system to any problem guest, and allow you to report any misdemeanor.

It's then up to you to accept or decline a booking.

The API is simple and cheap to integrate into any existing application.

To receive a copy of the Guestscan API Integration Guide click here.

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