Integrated Booking Systems

Guestscan is now available as part of a number of well known booking and front of house systems covering the hotel, B&B and self catering sectors.


For self-catering and property rental businesses seeking an online booking system, SuperControl ticks all the right boxes. Developed specifically for that sector by IT experts with their own self-catering properties, SuperControl is a secure, affordable way to manage bookings. Powerful yet flexible and easy-to-use, it integrates seamlessly into your website. SuperControl makes life easy both for you and your customers. For customers, it provides a smooth pathway from checking availability and prices, through to making secure online bookings and payment. For you, there is the friendly support from the SuperControl team, helping you get to know and run the system.

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The "Holiday Letting System" is a PC based management tool for owners and letting agencies. It's been in existence for almost 10 years and has been steadily improved so that it is now a fully featured booking management, accounting and communications tool. You can see booking status "at a glance" and publish this to a web site. As well as recording booking data, it handles communications with customers, owners and comprehensive accounting and can be integrated with a web site. It costs from as little as £79. The largest customer is an agency managing more than 50 properties.

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Holiday Letting Systems



ibelsa.rooms is a fully web-based, management software system, for hotels, and accommodation facilities of all types and sizes. From customer care, and the handling of booking engines, to the maintenance of hotel websites, and social media, ibelsa makes it possible to centrally navigate all essential hotel procedures. No installation costs, no update or support fees, and no binding-contract. ibelsa is flexible, user-friendly, and absolutely safe. Successful management of your operation has never been simpler.

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