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"Fraud, malicious damage and theft are just a few of the ways holiday property owners can suffer at the hands of customers. But now a new association aims to give owners advance warning of potential problems."
John Kerswill, Holiday Villas & Cottages

"Guestscan is a new European based website offering the chance to check whether a guest could be a potential troublemaker before accepting a booking."
Carmen Roberts, BBC World

"Accommodation owners can now blacklist customers in the same way credit card companies do."
Chris Haslam, Sunday Times

"As Tourism Minister, I obviously want everyone staying in our hotels, B&Bs and holiday homes to have the best experience possible. Unfortunately a small proportion of guests are a complete nuisance, which can ruin other people.s holidays and drive up costs for everyone. So I was very interested to see Guestscan.s solution; giving business owners a simple way to check if a potential guest has caused problems in the past."
John Penrose, Minister of Tourism

Keyless Entry System

Villa Monitor is a keyless entry control system.

Using sophisticated SIM technology VM has been designed specifically for the Holiday Property market.

It gives you complete control over who is admitted to your property. For how long and how often.

Guests staying a week are given their PIN code just for that week. Even down to the hour.

And that goes for contractors and cleaners. Each is given their own code and designated times.

Every month you get an Activity Report by email or fax. It details who has been in the property and for exactly how long. It also includes anyone who has tried to use the code when not permitted to do so.

Throw away the key.

Forget the days of keys left under pots, keys left behind bars, lost keys and re-cutting keys.

Just throw them away.

Villa Monitor is brilliant, but simple. All that is needed is a VM controller, an electric lock and a stainless steel vandal resistant PIN code reader. Your property doesn't even need a landline.

In fact if you use a standard lock the whole system can be installed and ready for use in a couple of hours.

Everything is then run from the secure Villa Monitor UK HQ.

Nor is "peace of mind" expensive.

Installation costs average £250.

On top of which there's a modest monthly fee for the Villa Monitor service. Find out more at: www.villa-monitor.com

Villa Monitor

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