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What People Say

"Fraud, malicious damage and theft are just a few of the ways holiday property owners can suffer at the hands of customers. But now a new association aims to give owners advance warning of potential problems."
John Kerswill, Holiday Villas & Cottages

"Guestscan is a new European based website offering the chance to check whether a guest could be a potential troublemaker before accepting a booking."
Carmen Roberts, BBC World

"Accommodation owners can now blacklist customers in the same way credit card companies do."
Chris Haslam, Sunday Times

"As Tourism Minister, I obviously want everyone staying in our hotels, B&Bs and holiday homes to have the best experience possible. Unfortunately a small proportion of guests are a complete nuisance, which can ruin other people.s holidays and drive up costs for everyone. So I was very interested to see Guestscan.s solution; giving business owners a simple way to check if a potential guest has caused problems in the past."
John Penrose, Minister of Tourism

What it Costs

Standard Tariff

Self Catering Holiday Accommodation

1-5 Properties £4 per month
6-10 Properties £6 per month
10-20 Properties £10 per month

Small Hotels and Bed&Breakfast Accommodation

1-5 Rooms £4 per month
6-10 Rooms £6 per month
10-20 Rooms £10 per month

Hotels, Booking Agents, Tour Operators and Holiday Parks

By negotiation, please contact us for a quote.

All new members will currently benefit from a 33% discount - for a limited period only.

Special Rates

We have negotiated special rates if you are a member of any of the following organisations.

Click on the relevant organisation to get details of their offer and discount code.


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